Winter is Rough on Roofs

Winter is Rough on Roofs

When you think about it, your roof puts up with a lot. The elements are never easy on it and, in the nicest conditions, the sun still beats down on it all day. But winter is especially tough on your roof meaning that, come spring, roofers in Chesapeake will be busy.

The Effects of Winter on Your Roof

Winter is the perfect storm when it comes to tearing up your roof, which is why, as soon as the snow thaws, roof repair becomes immediately necessary. That’s because usually involves high winds which can below your shingles and bend them up and back. When snow falls, it can find easy entrance, as water, through these exposed areas.

How Snow Can Ruin a Roof

Even if wind doesn’t bend shingles back, it’s a good idea to call a roofing company as soon as spring is in the air. That’s because often times as snow piles up it gets into the gutters. If the gutters aren’t properly cleared, snow will sit in them, melt and start looking for a place to go. With no other options, the water can force its way through the roof into the house. Depending on where it leaks out, you might never know that the hole in your roof isn’t actually right above where water began coming through. Without roofers in Chesapeake taking a look at it, you’d be vulnerable to the issue all over again. In fact, until you get roof repair, water will continue damaging your home.

Keeping Vermin Out

Of course the right Chesapeake roofing company can do more than just stop water from coming through. Chesapeake roof repair, right after the winter months, can keep vermin out as well. Rodents, small birds and, come the warmer months, insects are always looking for a way inside your home. Without roof repair, the damage done from winter gives them a perfect opportunity. Depending on which creature decides to grace you with your presence, the ensuing problem could be minor or disastrous. It’s best just not risking it. While it’s still cold out, talk to a roofing company today about visiting your home in the spring. This way you’ll get a jump on demand. Even if you don’t notice any issues, it’s best to pay roofers in Chesapeake to take a look at it and give their professional opinion. If the roofing company doesn’t find anything, think of it as insurance. However, if roofers in Chesapeake do find something you’ll be lucky you checked.


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